Sky Hawk Offers Following Courses:-

Basic Paragliding Course

This is a two days solo flight course froma gentle slope. it validates the competence to fly without assistance in calm conditions on a known site and with proper equipment. It certifies that the aspiring pilot possesses the required theoretical and practical competences. The course entails three flights.

Intermediate Paragliding Course

This is a further three days course that validates the ability to search and analyse information, in order to fly autonomously on any site with proper equipment, in varied wind and weather conditions. It requires, besides the pratical competences, theorotical knowledge. Number of Flights remains three where as the height is increased.

Advance Paragliding Course

This is Five Days Course in which the students are taken to Khanpur, Chakwal and Muzaffarabad mountains for acquiring better proficiency and skill in flying. The student is put through extensive training and flying that would turn him in to a skilled and confident pilot. It validates the ability optimise all forms of flight with due safety. The required theoretical knowledge is validated by the instructor.